What is TextaParent.ie?

Operated by IPPN, TextaParent.ie is a message delivery service that enables schools to communicate with parents quickly and easily by sending instant text messages to the school community – parents, members of staff etc.  Designed by principals for principles, a simple web-based system which is fast, reliable and cost effective.  

Do I need a school phone to send a text message to parents?

No, you do not require a school phone as text messages are sent via the web.  A ‘School Short Name’ is required during the registration process.  The ‘School Short Name’ will be displayed on the recipients’ handset on receipt of the text message.

I have forgotten my password, how do I retrieve it?

Click on the 'Login' button on the homepage. Select ‘I Forgot My Roll Password’ you will be brought to a ‘Request Roll Password Reset’ options. Enter your school roll number and instructions will be sent to your registered email address.

Please email [email protected] if you have any further queries on this 

Can parents respond to the text message?

No, Parents/Guardians will be unable to respond to the text message received.


What is the Textaparent App

The TextaParent App is downloaded by parents/guardians to receive messages from the school/organisation at a reduced cost to the school/organisation. This saves space on the parent’s/guardians phone. Messages will deliver first to the App when the App is unavailable the message will default to SMS.


What is the App notification is not being received?

Check that your notification settings are turned ON for the TextaParent App. This can be done through your phones settings/notifications/Apps.


How do I register a TextaParent.ie account for my school?

To set up an account with TextaParent, you will need to forward on details of the organisation.
School Roll Number
School Name
School Address
School Telephone number
Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact mobile number.
As soon as we receive and verify these details we will register your account on TextaParent and send through your access details.


How can I change the School Password

You can now change the password for the school account if you wish. You will need to be logged on as the Principal to do this or use the forgotten password link. Note that you will need to notify all users of the account that the password has changed.

How do i add a new sender ID?

The school’s ‘Short Name’ has been copied across as a ‘Sender’ so you can use this if you wish. To set a new sender contact [email protected]

How many text units should I purchase for my school?

The number of text units that a school purchases will depend on the size of the school and how frequently the school will use TextaParent.ie. As a guide, calculate the number of families in your school and estimate the number of times that the school will need to communicate with parents/guardians, staff etc. Use this number to determine which ‘text unit bundle’ to select – see below for more information.


Do I have to use my text units within a certain time frame?

There is no expiry date on text units purchased.  If a school has text units in their account at the end of school calendar year, these text units are carried over to the new school year.

How much does it cost to send a text message?

Please contact [email protected] for more information on pricing.


Can TextaParent.ie accommodate other languages?

You can send any language on the message however please be aware that using á, é, í, ó, ú, € and other characters will affect the number of characters that are in the message. A standard message characters can avail of up to 160 characters per text unit. Text messages using any non-standard characters (such as á, í, ó, ú, €, £, `) can avail of up to 70 characters per text unit.

What does the delivery status mean on my send History report?

The scenarios are as follows:

 Text message

  • Delivered to handset – Network reply that they have delivered the message to their customers handset
  • Sent- The message has sent but we have not received a reply from the network about delivery to the handset

App delivery

The App delivery is a little different

  • Delivered – Delivered to the Phone
  • Read – the recipient has opened the message
  • Sent – trying to deliver but the recipient may not have Wi-Fi or data coverage.
  • Failed- we stopped trying  so the message will default to Text message, usually after 2-3 hours.