TextaParent’s new App can dramatically reduce the cost of sending messages to parents and staff.

A sample message is available to send to your contacts to inform them about the app and to request its download. To send the sample message to your contacts, log into your TextaParent account, select your contacts and select the ‘New App Available!’ message from your Templates Tab.


The purchasing of credit will remain the same for now. You can still purchase the same bundles that you have previously purchased. We will calculate the amount of credit used per message sent.

The app is an additional feature of the service that is provided to you at no extra cost.


The more contacts that download the App, the lower the cost of sending messages.

To get your contacts set up with the Textaparent App –

  • Send a SMS message from your account to all of your contacts, instructions will be available when you login to your account.
  • Request that Parents and Staff download Textaparent App to their mobile device.
  • When the App is downloaded to the parent’s phone it will show on your contact list with an Apple or Android logo.

You don’t need to do anything different when sending the messages – those contacts with the App downloaded will receive the App message – those who don’t will receive a standard Textaparent SMS message.

Calendar Function

On your Textaparent home screen you will see a tab from ‘School Calendar’.

This NEW feature will allow you to add events to the calendar which can be viewed by the contacts on the App. Ideal for early closures, fundraising events and important dates.

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