Steps to ensure your account is ready for an emergency

Auto Top Up

To help schools who do not have credit card facilities we added an Auto Top up service to TextaParent. You can request that your account is automatically topped up by a pre-set amount when your balance go below a pre-set threshold.

 To set up this facility;

  • Log on to your account using the Principals Profile (P).
  • Go to the admin area which can be accessed by clicking on the principals name on the top right of your screen.
  • Go to Credit Threshold and then to AUTO TOP UP/Manual.
  • Auto Top is also available for card payments.


Setting up New Users

These details can be changed by logging into your TextaParent account using the ‘Principals’ Profile (P)

You then go to your admin area which can be accessed by:

  • clicking on the name at the top right of your screen
  • Go to Manage Users – you can add or delete users here.